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Client Feedback


Sara has been absolutely instrumental to my successes this year in competing across several federations. She is knowledgeable, anything she doesn’t know off the bat she researches to give the best guidance to the client, and really puts in effort to learn your body’s abilities and limits to push you and make adjustments accordingly. Her attention to detail, organization, knowledge base and communicative skills are what makes her a fantastic coach. I’m so glad to have found her and will continue to work with her as long as she’ll have me.

Alex B.

Ashley C Front.jpeg

I started with Sara in October 2020 after receiving some life changing news and hitting a very low spot in my life.  I knew I needed to do something to get out of this funk, something I could put my focus on, something I had always wanted to do, something for me.  I decided I wanted to to get back in the gym and ultimately compete!  

Sara was SO helpful and there every step of the way!  October 2, 2021 was my first show and I knew NOTHING, but she was there to help with everything!  From weekly checkins, to teaching me how to pose, helping me select a show, where I should get my suit and jewelry from, what I should pack for the show etc.  She helped me with every single detail!  She was so supportive and there to answer the many questions I had.  And when it came down to the last weeks before my show and including show day she stayed in constant contact with me making sure I was feeling ok, and making any and all adjustments needed to my meal plan.  We walked away with 1-1st place and 2-2nd place medals.  

I highly recommend Sara!!!  Even if your not wanting to compete, she is an amazing health coach! I cant wait to see what we can build with another year of training, and I’m looking forward to stepping on that stage again next year representing Brazen Training! 

Ashley C.


It’s only been a short time that I’ve been working with Brazen Training, but Sara made a huge difference in my prep for my bikini show. I was not in a good place, but Sara got me on track. Not only did she fix my workouts and diet, but I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive coach and trainer. She was there for me every step of my journey and especially on show day. I’m excited to continue working with her and can’t wait to see how far she can help me go!

Katryna S.


I started working with Sara with the goal of getting competition ready. Honestly, I was just hoping I had a chance at placing. We did that and more! Took novice overall and a class win! Even when I doubt myself, I can put 100% confidence in her. I will always trust her process. Excellent custom programming, even worked around what I had in my home gym. Extremely attentive on prep and off season, kind, supportive, and overall genuinely amazing coach! I can’t imagine ever working with anyone else. Thank you!

Katie A.

K Umar Transformation.jpeg

I found Sara on social media, liked what I saw & reached out once I was ready for professional direction with my fitness & nutrition goals. 

From the jump, Sara was extremely responsive & provided an in-depth breakdown of what coaching entailed. She created an exercise & nutrition plan that was customised to my goals & was quick to make adjustments as needed. 

I was surprised at how quickly I began to see a difference in aesthetic & strength gains. I’d highly recommend Sara’s to anyone who is looking for a no-fluff, direct & honest coach who can get you results. 

Kay U.


I have truly enjoyed working with Sara the past 6 months, she is an amazing coach who has all the tools to push you to be your best. She is very encouraging and always willing to do what is best for your goals and health. She tailored work out plans and nutrition for me that was easy to follow and clear. She really does care about her clients and I always felt I could talk to her about any issues or worries I was having and she was always understanding and listened. 

I wanted to compete in a bodybuilding show, and not only did Sara prepare me for that, but I won first in my class! I highly recommend Sara for any coaching needs whether it be to prepare for a show or lifestyle coaching because she can truly help you achieve your goals!

Adia S.


“I am so happy that I came across Sara’s information online. I enjoyed her prompt response and her knowledge. After discussing my beauty pageant goals, we immediately hit the ground running. Getting ready for my competition was made easier with her expertise and keeping me accountable with weekly check ins. She really helped me reach my goal! I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to modify their physique with someone who knows what they’re doing!”

Alex P.


After stalling out with Weight Watchers in the Fall of 2019 and putting back on about 40 pounds I decided to join the Brazen Training family in September of 2020. I was very hesitant at first because I wasn't sure I was ready for that level of accountability and to be brutally honest, I thought I would hate the meal plan. Little did I know joining Brazen Training would be one of the best decisions I've ever made for my personal health and wellness. I was able to easily get past my plateau and continue losing more weight. The meal plan I'm currently on is based off of foods that I enjoyed prior to signing up with Sara, which makes every meal a treat! The workout schedule is simple yet effective as I've been able to increase the weight I'm lifting every few weeks or so. Every time someone compliments me on my weight loss I can't help but feel thankful for her guidance because without her I'm sure I would've continued to gain weight after hitting my plateau. I feel like most people have this skewed vision of what it's like to have a personal trainer, but I can assure you it's wonderful! So if you're thinking about taking your personal care to the next level with a trainer, do yourself a favor and sign up with Brazen Training. Your body will thank you for it!

Miguel E.


I reached out to Ms. Mouton six months ago when I was at my all-time highest and most unhealthy weight. My initial goal was to get into better shape. Ms. Mouton helped me create and finetune my nutrition and training plan. Before long, my body began responding and improving in ways that I never imagined. 

Initially, I was obsessed with the number on the scale. Through Ms. Mouton's guidance, I now view my weight as one aspect of my journey. I learned that how I feel, look, and function throughout the day are equally important. While working with her, every week is fun and informative. I always look forward to receiving feedback during my check-in days. I truly appreciate Ms. Mouton's honesty and transparency. She always explains in detail any changes made to my plan. I provide my input as well, whenever applicable. 

Currently, I am close to the ideal weight I want to reach before reversing my diet to put on muscle. I highly recommend Brazen Training for anyone who wants a genuine and well-informed coach to help them attain their health and fitness goals.

Favour O.


I started with Sara at a time when my training had come to a halt and I was making very little progress. I had lost about 70 lbs on my own and was getting nowhere kicking the last bit of fat. My goal was not to become huge or compete, but just to finally get back to a body that I could be comfortable in. 

Sara gave me a very detailed plan, both for my daily nutrition and workout schedule. She was very flexible and quick to adapt the plan if there was something I couldn’t eat, or to change the workout if it required equipment I couldn’t access. As I continued to lose weight, she constantly kept up with my requirements and changed the plan as necessary. 

Throughout my time with Sara, I lost over 20lbs while increasing my lifts and losing very little, if any, muscle. Without a doubt I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in (at 35) and I can honestly say I would’ve never made it without her help. She was constantly available to answer any questions I had and always had detailed and personalized answers. 

Since my goal was not to compete, once I got to a place in my journey I felt comfortable maintaining, Sara ensured I knew everything I needed to continue on my own, without her help. I felt like she was personally invested in my success and I consider her not only a great trainer but also a friend I picked up along the way. 10/10

Steven T.


Amy joined Brazen Training when she wanted to compete in bikini for the first time. After winning her classes in both of her first shows she moved on to nationals before deciding to move up to figure. She has since won her first overall title!

Amy S.


Jamie went from normal guy to novice Classic Physique competitor in just under two years and he's not done yet!

Jamie F.

Kevin 2020.jpeg

Kevin is a Classic Physique competitor who wanted assistance with bringing his best conditioning yet. We managed to do just that despite Kevin's show being cancelled by COVID.


Meg is a self coached athlete who just couldn't nail her peak week. She reached out to Brazen Training and perfected her physique right on schedule!


Meg Peak.JPG
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